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Golden Bees, programmatic recruitment solutions.

Programmatic Advertising

3 reasons why you should use it in your recruitment strategy

Our solutions

Who ?

Golden Bees is a programmatic media buying solution specialized in recruitment and HR communication. Our professional expertise focuses on webmarketing solutions, human resources and Big Data.

What ?

We help human resource professionals in recruiting and communicating more efficiently. We provide an advertisement solution allowing you to invest exclusively on an audience matching the requested profiles.

How ?

Our HR advertisement offer, powered by our engine, allows recruiters to engage any profile on all connected devices (mobile devices, social media, computers).

What can we provide ?

Our technology is based on predictive algorithms analyzing an important amount of data, in order to identify and chose the candidates sensible of applying to your ads.

Our technology

How our technology connects your company to your futures employees

Our products

Sourcing, diversity, hidden talents, rare skills : Our solutions are designed to match your recruitment needs.

Hunt Tek

We create metadata by intersecting socio-demographical, interest, intentional
and behavioral criterias, then we display your job ads to all identified and
qualified candidates.


Our «Amplify» technology combined with our innovating banner formats, contribute in strengthening your employer brand to help you build candidate engagement towards your company.


Our studio offer you outstanding relevant dynamic job ad banner that behaves, looks and speaks appropriately to your candidates segments. Your communication becomes more seductive and powerful with our innovative creatives.