Privacy Policy

Golden Bees guarantees the respect of private life. The goal of this document is to present the rules that govern the collected data treatment as part of our services.

I - Collect of cookies

Golden Bees provides you with job advertising that may be of interest to you. For this purpose, we use cookies, which are files that store a small amount of information that can be exchanged with your computer.

II - Concerning the collected data

The collected data are totally anonymous, it means that Golden Bees doesn’t get any personal information that allow us to identify you as your name, first name, living place, gender, age, job, e-mail addresses or phone number. Golden Bees only analyze the job offers seen, visited pages or researches made in the search engines by the visitors of the recruiting sites for whom Golden Bees deliver advertisements. In that way, Golden Bees can address you job ads that correspond to your interest in terms of job research.

III - Use of data

The data are only used by Golden Bees to address you job offers. We only store the cookies and a part of the browser data to improve the targeting of our advertising campaigns and personalize its content. In this way, we bring a particular attention to the security of collected data, thanks to the implementation of security measures conform to the standards imposed by the industry.

IV - Erasure of data

You can deactivate the job advertising emanating from Golden Bees, by clicking on the following link: