Smarter recruitment solution
using cutting-edge technologies

Our job ad programatic suite has been developed to make online recruitment campaigns easier to handle for :

« Proprietary technology crafted in-house for online recruitment »

We develop a unique HR custom infrastructure, based on multiple interconnected technologies, bringing intelligence to our recruitment advertising solution.


Master tracking system and data source collection tools. Our tracking system facilitates multipixel management by using one unique Golden Bees tag, which is installed on recruiters’ career websites. As a data collection tool, our tracking technology powers our decision engine with relevant information relating to campaigns, audience behavior and contextual insights, allowing us to implement and monitor performance-based recruitment campaign.


Candidate audience clustering technology. Golden Bees collects, clusters and enriches data that are activated in your recruitment campaign, to ensure a greater reach and better results. By gathering information on millions of candidates – and modeling it on the basis of different criteria designed to set up the perfect audience pool – we develop a data profiling solution, which is used to improve your online recruitment campaign targeting.

Plateforme d'achat média programmatique

Programmatic job advertising technology. Our platform enables us to buy ad space using programmatic technology on bid-based marketplaces. Most actions are automated – from buying decisions to performance-based optimization – which is thanks to a pre-established set of rules and real-time performance data.


Performance-based proprietary algorithm. Our machine learning algorithm enables systematic and efficient best-model research to make smarter decisions for your online recruitment campaign. Driven by key performance indicator goals defined by recruiters, our decision engine allows the integration of large data sets, processed in real time, to display your job ad in the right place, at the right moment, and to the right audiences.


Dynamic and innovative creative technology. Golden Bees develops a smart advertising format to make your recruitment campaigns more attractive to the selected candidates, thus increasing your competitiveness and enhancing your employment brand. We ensure customized experiences through dynamic ads, and are able to personalize content on any variable.

Results that matters.

Our recruitment campaigns are custom-crafted to achieve your goals. Our solution helps you:

le plus grand nombre de candidats Golden Bees

Reach higher
candidate volumes

réduction coût candidature Golden Bees

Reduce your costs
per application

Display recruitment Golden Bees

Display an omnichannel
recruitment campaign

gain de temps grâce à la plateforme Golden Bees

Save time by using one
multimedia-connected platform

talents internationaux Golden Bees

Reach worldwide


Enhance your employment brand and candidate experience

diversité profils Golden Bees

Obtain more diversity
from applicants' profiles


Receive analytical
marketing feedback

Recruitment campaign insights :

Golden Bees provides you with an in-depth analysis of your recruitment campaign performance,
to help you understand how your job ads are performing on the basis of the most up-to-date data.


Media on which your job ad will be displayed

Because we cannot miss out on the best opportunities, our platform is able to display your job ad on all revelant ad media space used by candidates throughout the world – whether they are looking for a job or not! Our technology is connected to all the various media on which your job should be displayed, including :

Some of our media partners